Bread Making


Bread Making Courses and Gifts

There's nothing like making your own - it's a tremendously satisfying thing to do, and even if you get it wrong, at least you gave it a go.

Five reasons to make your own bread…

  1. It’s fun!
  2. It’s satisfying – there’s nothing like putting your own warm bread on the table and tucking in!
  3. You can usually keep it in the freezer, so if there’s snow on the horizon, you can make some in advance, or get the ingredients you'll need to make it in so that if you're stuck in the house, you can enjoy making bread
  4. It’s healthy
  5. You can get quite creative and also try out different recipes or even make your own up!

So here are some gift ideas for people who want to give bread making a go or who like to bake or who just enjoy having fun in the kitchen...

Bread Making Experience or Course

Gift experience companies Into The Blue,  Red Letter Days and Buy a Gift all list bread making experiences in a variety of locations.  These give you the chance to try your hand at bread making, learn new skills you can practice at home afterwards and usually give you the chance to take home recipes.  I went on a course and actually even I was able to make the bread and what's more, it was actually edible and tasted really good.  

In London, Artisan Bread Making from Red Letter Days
Brilliant Bread b y James Morton from Amazon

Bread Making Books

Why not give a recipe book covering the mouth-watering topic of bread making? Apart from being a mine of inspiration and suggestions, cookery books can be a great way to make a kitchen look really pretty.  Or you could also give them a cookery magazine subscription.

Bread Making Accessories

These cover ideas such as aprons, recipe stands, recipe storage boxes and recipe journals.