Palm Oil Free - gifts to help the planet that you really can enjoy without feeling guilty! Palm oil free chocolate, palm oil free soap, palm oil free toiletries


"Take care of the earth and she will take care of you."
Author Unknown

If you're looking for a gift for someone who cares about the planet, then these gifts could be just the thing, especially if you're looking for something small, perhaps as a little thank you

They give the recipient a little treat - which doesn't destroy the home of the Sumatran tiger or the orangutan, because they don't contain palm oil.   The rainforest is being destroyed rapidly by our desire for products with palm oil in them - and rainforests are home to these wonderful but sadly endangered species.  As well as giving the recipient a little treat, they give them the chance perhaps to try something new that they may not have heard of or tried before. 

Click here to see the Ethical Consumer's Palm Oil Guide to Christmas 

Anti-Aging Skincare Regime

Anti-Aging Skincare Regime
Orang Skincare aims toward developing market leading, anti-ageing skincare products that are natural, organic, free from animal testing and100% free from palm oil and all its derivatives. The Anti-Ageing Skincare Regime provides a completely palm oil free solution to younger, more radiant looking skin, with Revitalising Eye Gel, Moisturising Face Gel, Marula Oil Repair Serum and Exfoliating Cream Cleanser.   Go to the Orangutan Foundation's Online Shop for more information.

Love nature candle gift set  

Love nature candle gift set
Was £14.99, now £9.99 (save £5)
Relax in a luxurious bubble bath, enveloped in the calming Wildflowers scent of two votive candles. You'll be instantly transported to a summer garden. Gift set contains bubble bath 60ml and two votive candles 9 cl and comes in a pretty gift box.  Go to the RSPB Online Shop

Cinnamon and Sweet Orange soap from the Eden Project Cinnamon and Sweet Orange soap from the Eden Project

This beautiful soap is perfect for Christmas, and better still, there's no palm oil in it! This range of natural soaps are created in Cornwall especially for the Eden Project. Go to the Eden Project for £3.00

Love nature wildflowers bathroom gift set from the RSPB.  Support wildlife conservation with your gift!

Introducing palm oil free pamper gifts!

Take a look at this lovely Wildflowers Bathroom Gift Set from the RSPB. The products are made in the UK, and they aren't tested on animals.  Give a loved one the chance to pamper themselves, palm oil free, so they won't hurt the planet and support wildlife conservation with your gift!  Go to the RSBP Online Shop

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Foodie Treats

Or for the person who loves to tuck into a little treat, what about the RSPB Love Nature Food range?  There are some mouth-watering, delicious goodies to be enjoyed, all without palm oil in them.  Chocolate, fudge and biscuits are among the delights on offer.  These these make a perfect little thank you for a hard-working friend to just indulge in, perhaps with a well deserved cup of tea or coffee!  More info from the RSPB


Booja Booja Chocolates from Natural Collection Booja Booja Chocolates from Natural Collection

Booja Booja come highly rated by Rainforest Foundation UK as being a Best Buy for products if you have palm oil in mind or a lack of it.   Click here to see the range from Natural Collection
 Click here to see the range of chocolates from Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolates

Eco-friendly Natural Collection list Divine Chocolate products - Divine Chocolate were highly rated by Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK).   Here's Divine Chocolate's comment on palm oil in their chocolate.  Click here to see the range of Divine Chocolates

There's more!  If you're looking for chocolates, check out the inspirational Louis Barnett Chocolates Ltd - Louis is an amazing 20 year old who does not use any palm oil in his products.  Visit his online shop here. 

Take a look at the Rainforest Foundation's list of products and whether there is palm oil in them - how does your favourite chocolate do?