Teddy Bears


“In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself,
it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion”

Peter Gray
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Teddy bears have been around with us for a long time, and many of us will own up to having our own special teddy bear.   I sent my Auntie Joan a gift of a teddy bear once - she named him Edward - a big brown bear, he was, and now he sits proudly on the shelf in her room in her nursing home.   He was one of the things she chose to bring from home when she had to move in.  She is 94.  You're never too old for teddy bears!

There are some wonderful teddy bears around these days, and quite a few of them give the owner a link to a special period in their lives when they were part of something, or they just make wonderful themed bears.  

 This Platinum Jubilee Teddy Soft Toy is from the National Gallery

This Platinum Jubilee Teddy Soft Toy is from the National Gallery!

His grey jumper marks the date HM Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne (1952) through to 2022, with the words Platinum Jubileee on it as well :-)  Dimensions are 20cm

Find out more from the National Gallery

English Heritage has this gorgeous Brother Bear!

English Heritage has this gorgeous Brother Bear!

Brother Bear is dressed in traditional brown hooded robes.   He's got a Medieval cross, and the robe is tied at the bear's waist with a rope.   This bear is made from soft plush, he's 27cm high, and he's exclusive to English Heritage - their logo is embroidered on his foot!  Make a bear-line to find out more about this bear!

Introducing Stonehenge Teddy!

Introducing Stonehenge Teddy!

This is Stonehenge Teddy, or an illustration, anyway.  He's been made exclusively for English Heritage by Keel Toys, and he's made from a wonderfully soft polyester plush so he's very cuddly.  He's got the English Heritage Stonehenge trilithon logo on his foot.  His knitted jumper is removable and he's 20cm tall.  He's available from English Heritage



“It is astonishing, really, how many thoroughly mature, well-adjusted grown-ups harbor a Teddy bear
which is perhaps why they are thorougly mature and well-adjusted."

Joseph Lempa
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