Herb Garden Gifts


There's nothing like the fragrances of herbs - they are so beautiful!   So here's a couple of herb gifts for anyone who loves herbs...

Herb Garden Gift from Tree2mydoor.com 

Herb Garden Gift from Tree2mydoor.com


There's nothing like going onto the patio or into the garden and picking your own herbs, either to accompany a salad or to add taste to something else you're cooking.   Things you grow yourself are always extra good! There's the added satisfaction you've got of knowing that you grew them! 

Tree2mydoor.com have this Herb Garden Gift - a trio of mini stem Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme trees.   Not only are they fragrant but bees absolutely love them so this herb garden gift will help them, too!  

The Herb Garden Gift costs £45.00 and the trees are delivered in 1.5L pots

  • Delivered in 1.5L pots
  • Gift wrapped by hand.
  • Trees will arrive approximately 30cm in height.

Available from Tree2mydoor.com