Elephant Poo Gifts


What goes in one end must come out the other.... 

Elephants of course are no exception.  They each between 200 to 250kg of food every day at one end - and produce an enormous 50kg of dung at the other.  And elephant dung matters. 

Elephants eat seeds at one end, transport them around in their tummies in the middle and then "plant" them from their back end, sometimes as far as 57km.  Elephant dung is rich in nutrients and that enables seeds to germinate and grow, giving a range of animals new habitats.

Their dung equals dinner.  Dung beetles collect it and then store it for dung larvae.  Honey badgers eat the dung beetle.  Honey badgers thus need elephant dung.

So did you know that people also use elephant dung, and you can also buy the elephant lover in your life a gift from elephant dung?  Here are a few elephant dung gift ideas....

How about giving an Elephant Dung Photo Album?

This one is from the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka, and it's handmade, Fair Trade, eco-friendly and fun!   It's made from 75% elephant dung & 25% recycled paper.  No need to go to Sri Lanka - you can buy this online on Amazon 

There's also an Elephant Dung Notebook?  It has about 60 pages of handmade paper in different colours and again, the products come from the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka.  

There's also an Elephant Dung Note Holder to hold notes in - with  about 100 sheets of recycled paper.