Monopoly - Board Game


Monopoly - Board Game

Monopoly can keep people entertained and occupied for hours - which could be quite handy during lockdown!

Did you know that there different variations of the game?  Here are a couple below with a conservation/historic theme.

 English Heritage Castles Monopoly  

English Heritage’s Castles Monopoly

Head off on an exciting adventure through some of England's finest fortifications - a great way to discover the most famous sites whilst trying to avoid paying thithe taxes or reparing your battlements after a siege.  Will you become in the ruler of hte kingdom as you compete to take all the sites?  

£30.00 from English Heritage 

 RSPB Version of Monopoly

RSPB Version of Monopoly

Try turning your hand to conservation in the RSPB version of Monopoly.  Collect bird sites, add birdwatching hides and visitor centres as you work your way round the board. 

£34.99 from the RSPB Shop

Monopoly - Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories Monopoly!

Journey through the time with this Horrible Histories Monopoly from the Savage Stone Age, the Rotten Romans, the Cut-Throat Celts and the Stormin Normans. Then there are the Terrible Tudors, the Putrid Pirates, the Barmy British Empire and the Blitzed Brits.  There are Curious Chances and Treasure Chests - you need to build cottages until you have enough British Groats to buy your own castle! 

£29.99 from

Museum Monopoly Dinosaurs game

Museum Monopoly Dinosaurs game

Live hte life of a globe-trotting scientist in the field of palaontology.  Collect dino-discoveries as you travel the Merozic era - dinosaur sites, continents and discoveries could be yours! Watch the rent come in as you deal with other paleontologists and explore laboratories and evacuation sites.  There's only room for one professor of palaeontology... will that be you? 

For £30.00 from the Natural History Museum

Friends Monopoly from Amazon
Join the legendary Friends, from one of TV’s best-loved sitcoms in the Friends edition of MONOPOLY.  You can play as Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey or Chandler by choosing one of the exclusive tokens which are iconic to the gang.  As you go round the board, you'll discover the best Friends' moments!  £23.92.  Buy Winning Moves 27229 Friends from Amazon