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Wildlife conservation gifts

The great thing about giving wildlife conservation gifts is that both people and animals benefit.  These really are win-win gifts, and perfect for people who have everything or for nature lovers who want to make a difference & cares about animals.  The animals win, you spend your money on something worthwhile - and the recipient knows they have a meaningful gift to help wildlife. 

Wildlife conservation is not about saving animals individually, but about saving their habitat - the areas and homes in which they live - and creating conditions in which they can safely thrive.   The other thing to say is that you don't need to spend a great deal to make a difference to wildlife :-) 

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Please support Wildlife Aid and Simon's Last Wish Support Wildlife Aid and Simon's Last Wish
Surrey based Wildlife Aid is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of British wildlife and it's passionate about protecting the future for Britain's native species. Tragically, the Founder Simon Cowell, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer that is terminal.  Simon has dedicated his life to giving wild animals another chance and he needs all our help to ensure that Wildlife Aid can continue its wonderful work.  You can visit the charity's website here to find out more about it, or donate at JustGiving page.
 Please help save Strawberry Hill!

Please help save Strawberry Hill!
The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire have an incredible opportunity to buy Strawberry Hill.  They just need to  raise the funds to do it!  35 years ago, the previous owner decided to let nature take over this 377 acre site.  From being poor arable fields, the land transformed into grassland, shrub and woodland. And the wildlife moved in - nightingales, harvest mice, badgers, linnets and turtle doves.   Now this land needs urgent protecting and you have a chance to protect it!  You could make a donation for a nature lover to this appeal on its JustGiving page.   Find out all about it here.

Sponsor a seagrass sea pod with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Sponsor a seagrass sea pod with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
From £20.00
Help the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to restore, protect and monitor this precious marine habitat and create a wilder Solent!  Perfect for lovers of marine life.  Find out more
Adopt a flower, lichen or fungus from Plantlife Adopt a flower, lichen or fungus from Plantlife
Adopt a flower such as a cowslip, greater butterfly orchid, a harebell, a juniper, mistletoe, meadow clary, northern marsh orchid, a Spanish catchfly, a yellow whitlowgrass (pictured left), a fungus or lichen.  Find out more from Plantlife

Support a Wildlife Trust Appeal

Support a Wildlife Trust Appeal
There are 46 Wildlife Trusts, including one in the island of Alderney, and many have appeals you can donate to.  You could find the one that's closest to your loved one or one which is an area that means a lot to them, and either donate to a local appeal if there's one going or support them in some way e.g. giving a membership, buying something from their shop, adopting an animal.  The possibilites are endless so hop off to the Wildlife Trusts main website and do some exploring online!  

Sponsor an Acre with the Orangutan Foundation Sponsor an Acre with the Orangutan Foundation
Sponsor vital forest haibtat to help orangutans and many other species with the Orangutan Foundation.  It actively protects over half a million acres of tropical forest which is home to 5,000 critically endangered orangutans, with manned guard posts and forest patrols. Find out more here.  Image ©Orangutan Foundation

 This RSPB Bird Bath is available from the RSPB's online shop

From the RSPB Online Shop 
Give them a home, and they will come, as the RSPB advert says.  The RSPB Shop has everything the wildlife in your garden need from bird baths and bird nest boxes to bird food and feeders, and products for wildlife too - hedgehogs, bees, bats and frogs.  Amongst their products to help nature is this RSPB Bird Bath, pictured left, for £25.00.  There are also calendars and diaries, gifts for children, homewares and gifts, Christmas cards, fashion, binoculars and scopes and books.  Fly away to the RSPB Shop now and support nature as you shop!  

Give a Gift that will keep on growing

Dedicate a Tree Gift Certificate
Plant a tree and give a gift which will just keep growing!  A native tree will be planted by Trees for Life in the Scottish Highlands - and that will help create a home for wildlife and create forests for the future.  The recipient receives a colourful certificate personalied with your own message either in the post or by email.  Each certificate includes one tree - you can add more trees for £6 each.  From £17.99.  Visit Trees for Life's website

For the Love of Bees Gift Pack from Natural Collection

Gift ideas for the wildlife in your garden
There's plenty of gift ideas you can give to encourage wildlife into your garden such a hedgehog House or a bird bath, a bird feeder, a squirrel feeder, hedgehog food, or a place for bees, bugs and butterflies.  Natural Collection have something to encourage the bees in your garden - it's called For the Love of Bees Gift Pack (pictured left).  For £32.00, this gift pack includes The Bee Barn (17.5 × 11 × 21 cm), Natural Nesting Hay,  a pack of nectar rich Wildflower Seeds and the latest Conservation Guide on Bees, all packed in a recyclable gift box!  There are also For the Love of gift packs for birds, butterflies, hedgehogs, and the environment.   Take a look at Natural Collection's ideas for garden wildlife.

Find a virtual gift to help animals around the world

Find a virtual gift to help animals around the world
Our sister website Animals Charities has a number of virtual gift ideas you can give to help animals around the world, mainly wildlife such as bears, big cats, squirrels, frogs, swans, deer, snakes, insects and a whole lot more!  Canter off for some ideas...