Garden and Food National and Awareness Days


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There are a number of food awareness days and garden awareness days so here are a few to check out... 
Why not pledge to try going vegan this January?  Find out more from Veganuary!
 6th National Shortbread Day
Mark the day by treating yourself to some traditional shortbread!
28-30 Big Garden Birdwatch
Spend a joyful hour watching the birds in your garden or local park and report your findings to the RSPB to help with the world's biggest birdwatch and help with nature conservation.  Fly off for more information.
 14th -21st National Nest Box Week
NNBW aims to encourage everyone to put up nest boxes in their local area in order to promote and enhance biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife.  Fly off for more information here
18th - 26th Read Bread Week
The annual, international celebration of Real Bread and people who make it. #RealBreadWeek
 4 National Carrot Day
The International Carrot Day or the Carrot Day celebrates the carrot through carrot parties and other carrot related festivities.  Find out more
13 International Plant Appreciation Day
Whether inside or out, plants have a great way to add cheer to a home and garden, so this is a chance to appreciate the plants around you!  Visit the RHS website to boost your knowledge of plants and flowers!
  No Mow May
Plantlife is urging us all to put our lawn mowers away for a month and so help pollinators and wild flowers grow.   Find out more  At the end of the month, from the 21st, you can count how many flowers there are in a square metre of your lawn and send off the results to Plantlife for their Every Flower Counts survey - it helps work out how many  pollinators your  unmown lawn can support!
1st - 7th International Compost Awareness Week
There are lots of educational activities to get the word out about the many benefits of recycling organics and the importance of returning organic matter – compost – back to our soils. Visit Garden Organic for more information
1st - 8th Time for a Cuppa Week
This event is held to raise awareness and funds for Dementia UK.  Find out more
2 - 8 National Gardening Week
The week was launched by the RHS is all about sharing your passion for plants.  Find out more here   
2nd - 8th Hedgehog Awareness Week
Please do one thing in your garden to help hedgehogs - create a log pile, make sure there's a hole in your fence for hedgehogs to get through - find out more from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society
16th-22nd National Vegetarian Week
Join millions of others enjoying vegetarian food!
17th - 20th Water Saving Week
Search out #WATERSAVINGWEEK on social media and see what you can do to reduce your water consumption in the UK.  The RHS has a Mains2rains campaign, encouraging us all to use more rainwater in our gardens instead of tap water for our plants and flowers.  Find out more about Mains2rains here
22nd - 28th  National Sandwich Week
Celebrating the British sandwich.  Make your own, save yourself money and save packaging.   More info
23rd - 5 June British Tomato Fortnight
The fortnight celebrates the British tomato - and this year, things have a regal theme!  Look for British tomatoes when you shop - or why not grow your own?  Find out more
28th - 5 June National Children's Gardening Week
The week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids - there are lots of ideas for fun garden projects and things to do on the event's website and you can find out more about Greenfingers, too, the children's charity the event supports.   More info
4th - 12th Welsh Wine Week
Celebrate Welsh wine - there are lots of activities to do, visit a vineyard, try it, take part in competitions and more! 

6th - 12th Garden Wildlife Week UK
#GardenWildlifeWeek - more info coming soon
7th - 12th National Growing for Wellbeing Week
Celebrate the joys of growing your own can give you.  More info coming soon
18th - 26th National Picnic Week
National Picnic Week aims to encourage people to take the ideal opportunity to get together over a picnic with advice, tips, recipes and information.  Tuck into more information.
20 Rose Awareness Week
Celebrate the sheer beauty of the rose and plant some in your garden!  More info coming soon

18th - 26th

English & Welsh Wine Week  
Celebrate English & Welsh wines!  

 10 Don't Step on a Bee Day
Bees are really important to us all, so why not visit the Bee Friendly Trust to find out how you can help them, as well as not stepping on them?
15 July -
7 August
Big Butterfly Count
The Big Butterfly Count is a UK-wide survey to help Butterfly Conservation assess the health of our environment by counting the amount and type of butterfleis and day flying moths we see.  Find out more
  Organic September
For a month, and held to raise awareness of all things organic.  Every small change makes a difference in supporting a system of farming that works with nature.
 4th-19th Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight
The fortnight celebrates fantastic Scottish produce
 22nd Sept
- 22nd Oct
Seed Gathering Week
Since 1998, The Tree Council has been organising Seed Gathering Season, the autumn campaign to inspire everyone to gather seeds, fruits and nuts and grow the trees of the future

17th Sept
- 2nd Oct

British Food Fortnight
Celebrating British Food
 21 Apple Day 
Celebrate our most versatile fruit and the beautiful orchards they come from.  Visit PTES
 1st & month World Vegan Day
World Vegan Month celebrates how far the vegan movement has come, to highlight beneficial a vegan lifestyle can be and to encourage the vegan-curious to adopt veganism by sharing advice, recipes and ideas.  Plate up for the planet!  Find out more
27th Nov - 
5th Dec
National Tree Week
National Tree Week is the UK's largest tree celebration annually launching the start of the winter tree planting season.  Root out more information
25th Christmas Day!
Why not send a tree as a gift?  You can do this through - you can even choose the location you want for the tree e.g. balcony, small patio, hallway, large garden etc.  Find out more at Tree2mydoor!