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Soft teddy bears with a historical theme!

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I was looking at the English Heritage Online Shop this evening.  As someone who loves history and teddy bears, I was delighted to find these rather adorable teddy bears from English Heritage.


Meet Brother Ted Bear

 Meet Brother Ted Bear (£25), who is in brown hooded robes tied at the waist with white rope and who has a traditional, medieval cross.

Here's WW1 Trench Bear...

Trench Bear (£35) displays the uniform of a WW1 trench soldier, a wonderful replica of that worn by soldiers in 1914.  The uniforms are designed, cut and stitched in the UK.  He's 14" and hand finished. 

WW1 Trench Bear

There's also an RAF Officer Bear (£35) wearing an RAF styled uniform. The uniforms are designed, cut and stitched in the UK and each uniform is hand finished.  

Or perhaps you may prefer a Roman Bear, which is made in the softest plush.  Each teddy bear has traditional Roman military garb, complete with tunic, cape and helmet with 'horsehair' crest.  This is an adorable bear, for £35, and would make a great addition to any home.   Here's Roman Bear...

I'm Roman Bear