Adopt a Beaver


Adopt a Beaver!

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have a fabulous gift for anyone who loves beavers!  You can Adopt a Beaver, and support their work with beavers.   

 Adopt a Beaver
Find out more about Beavers here

This is the perfect gift for anyone who is barmy about beavers and will help the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's Willington Appeal.  The appeal is raising funds to bring beavers back to the beautiful county of Derbyshire.  Beavers are nature's engineers. They  beaver away changing the habitat around them to create wetlands to suit them.  The big plus is that these wetlands benefit other species, as well as the beavers who create them!  The beavers in Derbyshire will have 20 acres of wetland habitat with a special beaver-proof fence.  They'll have all the food they need to thrive and do well.

The Beaver Adoption Pack includes.....

  • A cuddly 20cm beaver plush toy
  • A gorgeous wooden beaver keyring – FSC beech wood laser engraved
  • An ‘I love Beavers’ double sided bookmark
  • A ‘Barmy About Beavers’ Booklet full of interesting facts and lots of lovely pictures
  • An adoption certificate

All for £29.99!

Beaver away and head off to the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and give them - and beavers - your support with your adoption!

Their online shop has got lots of other wonderful gift ideas too, so hop off to the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's online shop here and do some exploring!

Alternatively, you could also donate to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's current appeal #DefendNature Derbyshire Appeal which is working to raise £100,000.  They are going to create a varied woodland habitat to bolster a crucial wildlife habitat corridor between the woodlands and support nature's recovery in Chestersfield and the areas around it.  This will help birds, bats, and mammals such as foxes, badgers and hedgehogs.