Why conservation? Why give a conservation gift?

  "Only by protecting nature and its gifts – a stable climate, fresh water, healthy oceans and reliable food – that we can ensure a better life for everyone, everywhere."  Conservation International

Conservation matters.  This earth is full of a rich tapestry of species all kinds, plants, animals, trees, the seas - and ourselves.  You and I may look at what we think to be wasteland or just water, but in fact that area is teeming with wildlife & its own eco-system.   They all have a role to play in keeping this planet of ours healthy for us all - animals and people.  A rich diversity of species and eco-systems play an essential role in enabing us to live a healthy lifestye.

We can all contribute towards making this planet a better place for us all to live by ensuring the rich diversity of life isn't lost any further. Give a gift which helps keep the planet healthy for plants, animals and people, and their future generations to come.  And conservation gifts make great gifts for the person who has everything.

The other good thing about conservation gifts is that if you are usually saving more than one species. Adopt an animal as a gift (e.g. an elephant, polar bear, giraffe) or save their habitat, and you are helping to protect all the other species within their habitat as well.  When you saving rainforest as a gift, you're also protecting the homes of millions of endangered species and helping care for the wellbeing of this planet for all of us as well. Plant a tree or woodland or hedgerows and many species of animals will benefit.  So the goodness your gift can do multiplies.

What sort of planet would do we all want our young people and their children to grow up on?  What sort of condition do we want earth to be in when we hand it over to the future generations?  Here are some ways in which a healthy planet matters.

Clouds, rainfall, glacieres, rivers & our oceans provide the cycle we need for our water  The world's ocean and forests provide oxygen for the air we need to breathe.  We need to conserve them and look after them. We eat fish from the world's seas and meat from the animals who graze on the land

Nature provides stability - she helps control flooding

We are protecting from noise, the sun and heavy wine & rain by trees, which also take in our carbon emissions

Conservation areas & those of the natural world give us spiritual wellbeing - if we'd only take the time to stand and stare

Why conservation? 
Mother nature has provided inspiration for
writers, poets, artists, composes and film makers...
Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter,
the Jungle Book, March of the Penguins
& so many more - all of which give lots of pleasure.

Much of our fruit, flowers & vegetables are pollinated by bees.   

Many of us use items such as seaweed and mud as part of our beauty regimes.  

Many people on earth depend on plants for their medicines, soaps & more