Adopt a Wolf


There are a number of organisations working to help with conservation and most notably wolf conservation, who are based in the UK, so you can adopt a wolf and help support the work these charities do, plus some other ideas for wolf lovers. 

Adopt a wolf

Adopt a Wolf from the Born Free Foundation
Many wolf populations worldwide are declining as their habitat is lost to humans.  The Ethiopian wolf is one such population. The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme team is funded by the Born Free Foundation, and it's working to protect the remaining 500 wolves left. You can adopt a Wolf here  

Adopt a Wolf from the Highland Wildlife Park 
The European grey wolf used to be found throughout much of the northern hemisphere.  They are
 found in a variety of habitats including forests & mountains. Grey wolves have suffered from hunting and trapping, habitat loss and fragmentation, although some populations are recovering thanks to legislation. Adopt a wolf from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Highland Wildlife Park from £40.00.  Find out more here

Adopt a wolf from the Wildwood Trust 

The Wildwood Trust is dedicated to saving Britain’s most threatened wildlife.  It has taken part in conservation programmes such as saving the water vole and using wild horses to help restore Kent’s most precious nature reserves. Other programmes have involved bringing European beavers back to Britain and returning the hazel dormouse & red squirrel to areas where they have been made extinct.  There are different levels of adoption from £30.00 - and one of the animal adoptions they offer (and there are quite a number of different animals you can adopt) is a wolf!  Adopt a wolf here.

They also have a couple of wolf experiences in Kent - find out more here. (They also do bear experiences, lynx, arctic fox, junior keeper and family keeper)

Adopt a wolf from the Wildwood Trust 
Image ©Wildwood Trust
Adopt a Wolf from Wolf Watch UK

Wolf Watch UK has given sanctuary for over thirty displaced wolves to date in the UK.  It relies on membership subscriptions, donations and fund raising from open days, an adopt-a-wolf scheme, photography days, guided tours and associated events.   Visit their website here and their shop with wolf adoptions here
Take a look at the Wolves Calendars 2023 with the Calendar Club

2023 Calendar for Wolf Lovers

The CalendarClub is like a treasure trove to anyone looking for a calendar on a HUGE number of topics from sport to gardens, cats and dogs, travel and transport - and wildlife!  

They also have different sorts of calendars, from desk to wall calendars, and those of different sizes, plus diaries too.  

The has a number of calendars for wolf lovers, including the one pictured left - why not treat the wolf lover in your life to a Wolf Calendar Click here to view their wolf calendars.

How about a soft toy wolf from Living Nature?

How about a soft toy wolf from Living Nature?

This gorgeous wolf is 36cm long excluding the tail and the wolf is suitable for all ages. A carry case and an owner's manu is included.   For £31.99 from Living Nature.

The Wisdom of Wolves: How Wolves Can Teach Us To Be More Human have "The Wisdom of Wolves: How Wolves Can Teach Us To Be More Human".

Wolf expert and naturalist Elli Radinger is a wolf expert and naturalist.  Elli draws on her 25 years' experience among the wolves in the Yellowstone National Park to tell us their remarkable stories.  For £7.99 from Foyles. 

There are of course lots of wolf gifts on Amazon to choose from, ranging from beautiful wolf duvet covers to wolf mugs, wolf soft toys, wolf pendants, wolf t-shirts - lots to choose from for anyone who loves wolves.