Adopt a Wolf



There are a number of organisations working to help with conservation and most notably wolf conservation, who are based in the UK, so you can adopt a wolf and help support the work these charities do

Adopt a wolf

Adopt a Wolf from the Born Free Foundation
Many wolf populations worldwide are declining as their habitat is lost to humans.  The Ethiopian wolf is one such population. The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme team is funded by the Born Free Foundation, and it's working to protect the remaining 500 wolves left. You can adopt a Wolf from just £2.50 a month. 

Adopt a Wolf from the Highland Wildlife Park 
The European grey wolf used to be found throughout much of the northern hemisphere.  They are
 found in a variety of habitats including forests & mountains.  The grey wolf has suffered from hunting and trapping for its fur, habitat loss and fragmentation, although some populations are recovering thanks to legislation. You can adopt a wolf from the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Highland Wildlife Park from £40.00.  Find out more here

Adopt a wolf from the Aspinall Foundation
You can adopt Kago and Nushka, European Grey wolves, from Howletts in Kent with the Aspinall Foundation.  Monthly payments or a one off payment are available - go to the Aspinall Foundation for more info

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