Half Year Mid Year Diaries


They say there's no time like the present, and if you're regretting not having a diary at the start of 2019, why not get a mid-year one?   This will give you the chance to make the most of rest of the year and into next, and fill it full of memories, hopefully happy ones.

Paperchase has a number of mid year diaries, such as this one to help you meet those goals you may be dreaming of.  This is their A5 Goal getter 2 days to a page 2019/20 mid-year diary.  You can use the weekly goal reviews to help you set mini targets that move you closer to your wanted bigger goal.  It's a great way to plot your path and keep an eye on your progress. 

Diary of a Goal Getter 2019-2020


Or if you prefer something less targeted, how about this A5 Marble 2 days to a page 2019/20 mid-year diary? 

A5 Marble 2 days to a page 2019/20 mid-year diary

There are others to choose from, some quite plain - take a look at them here.  They could make useful gifts for students...