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A Ghostly Poem for Halloween!

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Here's a poem I've written for the ghostly times of Halloween.  It's about Miss Bun, who is staying at the Castle Mystique.  I hope you enjoy it! 

A Night at the Castle Mystique

Miss Bun goes away

For a couple of days.

She stays at the Castle Mystique.

She rests her head

On a comfortable bed

And falls into a very deep sleep.


But then in the night,

Oh she has just a fright,

As she stays in the Castle Mystique!

For she wakes with a jump –

An enormous lump

Has appeared with a SPRING and a LEAP!


The lump is all white -

What a terrible sight

To Miss Bun as she wakes from her sleep.

She weeps and she shivers

Her hands are all quiver

And she goes quite blue in the feet!


The lump looks at her –

Her white hair all a blur 

As she wakes from a very deep sleep.

Then he jumps in fright:

Her hair’s a TERRIBLE sight!

So he vanishes with a great LEAP!


Here's another spooky poem of mine about a ghost in a school.   We actually had a ghost in the school I went to - the school could get very creepy after dark and some of the science teachers thought that items had been moved behind them if they were there after everyone else had gone home.  Our ghost was called the Old Grey Lady.  


The Chaotic Ghost

Our school’s got a ghost!

We all know he’s there –

But we’ve never actually seen him

To give him a GLARE!


He comes into class

when we’ve all gone home

And gets down to work

To make the room just his own.


He turns out the cupboards,

Puts the maps upside down,

And puts music on blaring,

playing creepy sounds.


He throws books on the floor,

Uplugs Miss Larkins’ pc,

And takes down all our work

to cause chaos, you see.


When we come in next day

There is so much to do –

Not painting and stories,

But tidying up!  BOO, HOO, HOO!


Oh, who is this ghost

Who gives us so much to do?

You’ve had your fun,

And we want some too!