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Get crafty together with these Woven Bird Feeder Craft Kits

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If you've got a friend or family member who loves trying different crafts, and who cares about nature as well, then you'll love hearing about this great offer from Craftiosity.

They produce amazing craft kits and a lot of them are around the theme of nature.  They cover all different sorts of crafts, actually, but this one particularly caught my eye and I thought it might be of interest.  

It's a Woven Bird Feeder Craft Kit!  The kit has everything you need to create your bird feeder, including: 

- Natural Raffia
- Ball of White Twine
- Ball of Yellow Twine
- Plastic Yarn Needle
- Bag of Mixed Wild Bird Seed

There are step-by-step photos instructions and if you prefer to learn by watching, there's an online video tutorial as well!

Make your own Woven Bird Feeder with this craft kit!
Make your own Woven Bird Feeder with this craft kit!
Buy 2 or more of these kits and get 25% off with the code GALSNIGHT25 

One of the lovely things about this gift is that once you've made your feeder, you can hang it up in the garden and watch the birds tucking in, because it comes with mixed wild bird seed already so you don't have to go off to buy some!  You can watch the birds tucking in - well, they need to find it first and realise it's there - and enjoy a cup of tea.

There's a special offer on these Woven Bird Feeder Craft Kits!

The lovely folk at Craftiosity have a special offer on it at the moment in preparation for Gelantines Day - buy 2 or more of this kit and you can get 25%ff!  The price is normally £26.95 so if you buy two, that makes it £40.43  instead of £53.90.   You could buy one with a friend and split the cost, but share the moments and fun of making your craft kits!  Or just treat your friend to one and you have the other.  Just use the code GALSNIGHT25 to get your 25% off!

The kits have everything you need to make your feeder
The kits have everything you need to make your feeder
Enjoy making your kit and watching the birds feast afterwards!

Craftiosity point out that their craft kits can contain sharp objects and should only be bought by people over the age of 18. 

They have lots of different sorts of craft kits - you can get a subscription and go on a mini-craft adventure!   And you can also buy them from their online shop.

Visit Crafiosity's website here.

Buy the Woven Bird Feeder Kits here.