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It's National Nestbox Week from 14th February to 21st February

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It’s National Nestbox Week which runs from the 14th to the 21st February every year.

It’s an important week, because the places available to our feathered friends have decreased over the years, so nestboxes matter to birds.  There are fewer nest holes in buildings, and our fashion of making our gardens neat and tidy has removed a lot of places where birds have traditionally nested and rested.

Enter National Nestbox Week.  Its website has lots of help for you if you want to get involved and give garden birds a nestbox, including where to put one, when to put one up, how to care for it, and even how to make your own.   There’s even advice for architects, landscapers and developers.

Visit the National Nestbox Week's website here. 

Visit National Nestbox Week’s website here.


The charity the RSPB have offers on a number of their bird boxes on their online shop – you can buy 2 of some of them and save yourself £2.

 This is the Apex classic nestbox
This is the Apex classic nestbox
Save £2 when you buy two promotional Nest boxes!
This offer runs until 9th July 2024;  T&Cs apply. 
Find out more. 

And they have garden bird nest boxes for different species, such as swallows, swifts, house martins, robins and starlings.

 This is the Lodge nest box classic apex, which is also in the promotion
This is the Lodge nest box classic apex, which is also in the promotion.

They also have a number of artisan nest boxes which might make a nice gift for someone (and also for garden birds).  

This is the full set of the Artisan Bird Nesters
This is the full set of the Artisan Bird Nesters. 
It's £45.00, or you can buy just one for £16.00 - you choose!

They've also got Birds of Prey nest boxes - for kestrels, Tawny owls and barn owls. 

Fly off to see the range of nestboxes you can buy through the RSPB shop - they also have a huge range of other gifts as well!