Give a Penguin gift - adopt a penguin, penguin toy, feed the penguin experience...


Penguins... there are a lovely variety of meaningful gifts for anyone who loves penguins, from the opportunity to meet a penguin, feed penguins, or adopt a penguin.  

There are gifts to help penguins, gifts to meet penguins, and penguin gifts such as penguin pictures, penguin toys and penguin clothing.  There are even penguin chocolates!

 Adopt a penguin from ZSL London Zoo

Adopt a penguin from ZSL London Zoo
Support ZSL's conservation work around the world when you adopt a penguin!   Adoptions come in a storybook style gift box, with a certificate of adoption, an information booklet all about penguins, a notebook, pencil, postcards, plus fun stickers, badges and bookmarks.  Enjoy the email updates all about the penguins at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo, as their conservation projects in the wild.  Click here to adopt a penguin

Adopt a penguin from Falklands Conservation Adopt a Penguin Gift Pack with Falklands Conservation
Back in 1979 whilst visiting the Falkland Islands, Sir Peter Scott and other naturalists decided to set up a UK registered charity, The Falkland Islands Foundation (FIF).  The Foundation protects the Islands’ wildlife and its historic wrecks.  Today, you can Adopt a King Penguin at the remote colony of Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands for 12 months for £25.00.   Find out more here
Adopt a penguin from the Galapagos Conservation Trust

Galapagos Penguin Adoption
This would be a great gift for anyone who has been to the Galapagos or who is going there, or who has an interest in conservation.  The Galapagos Conservation Trust is a UK registered charity which focuses exclusively on the conservation and sustainability of the Galapagos Archipelago.  It was launched in 1995 and it has supported and continues to support projects in the Galapagos. You can support this work by treating someone to a Galapagos penguin adoption pack.  Find out more here

This Penguin Calendar 2024 is available from the Calendar Club How about a Penguins calendar for 2024?

The Calendar Club has a number of calendars featuring penguins, including Eric the Penguin.  As well as larger calendars, there are slim penguin calendars to choose from as well.  The penguin calendars have fantastic photography so there's a beautiful picture to enjoy each month - of course, the Eric the Penguin calendar  has cartoons.   From £6.99 from the Calendar Club
 Give a penguin lover a Penguin feeding experience at Druisillas Park in Sussex

Would you like to have a Penguin Feeding Experience?
Head to Drusillas Park in Sussex, where an animal keeper will meet you and give you a behind the scenes tour before taking you to the Penguin enclosure. A health and safety briefing is followed by a short discussion on the two species at Drusillas Park, (Humboldt and Rockhopper Penguins), their conservation status in the wild and how the Park cares for them.  Then get hands on with preparing their food of a fishy treat before helping to feed them. You'll have the chance to get clicking with your camera!  You can stay at the park afterwards or beforehand to enjoy the day there.  Minimum age: 6 (under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and will receive free entry to the Park but not access to the animal enclosure) Go to Virgin Experience Days for more info