Animal Adoption - Giving gifts


Giving Gifts


Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal & you can help support charities who are working to help protect the animals they represent by enabling them to carry out work such as:

  • campaign on their behalf at local, national and international level
  • educating today's children on the wonders and importance of nature - creating resources for teachers to use such as the Big School Birdwatch
  • moving them from one area to another, for instance in places of conflict or pressure on land space
  • helping charities protect an area of the sea to give fish a chance to re-stock
  • Rescuing sick or injured animals
What do you get when you adopt an animal?

Usually, you adopt an animal for a year - but this depends on the adoption scheme. Some last for 6 months, or more or less. As a GENERAL rule, adoptions may include...

  • An Adoption Certificate
  • Newsletters or magazines, three or four times a year
  • Updates on your animal
  • Information about your animal, the challenges he or she faces
  • A cuddly toy, t-shirt or similar
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