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Adoptions from ZSL include a free e-ticket so that you can visit!


Adopt a cat

So you want to adopt a cat you can actually have at home? Good! There are THOUSANDS on the hunt for a loving, caring home. Cat charities come in all shapes and sizes from the large such as Cats Protection (who have branches & shelters all over the UK, all looking to re-home or even foster pussy cats) to smaller charities which have been set up by individuals and are far more local affairs. You'll find a very comprehensive listing of cat charities on CatChat

Even if you can't have a cat at home, you may still well be able to adopt or sponsor a cat or cattery pen; you may be able to knit comforting blankets or rugs for homeless cats to lie on and snuggle up in, or help with fund-raising, administrative tasks, home-checking or any other countless tasks charities need help with. I volunteered for Cats Protection at a shelter for several years and it was one of the most rewarding times of my life, and I'm a lifelong member now, too and look forward to The Cat magazine coming through the letter box (So does our dog - he has a good chew if he gets to it first!)

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Adopt a cat