Give meaningful gifts to make a difference


Many of these gifts cost you nothing except goodwill, the willingness to take these actions and the time to set them up or simply to do them. Others will cost you something in money terms but not a lot really, considering the win-wins that will come out of your gift.

Give blood
Did you know that 96% of us in the UK rely on 4% of us to give blood? Every year thousands of lives are saved, thanks to blood donors. Find out what it takes to become a blood donor and give blood.

Sign your pet up to give blood
Yes, your pets can give blood too for cats and dogs in need.  Find out more here.

Save used stamps for animal charities
There are a number of animal charities which could use your used postage stamps - so collect them during the year and send them off afterwards. Every stamp helps!

Give an organ
More than 10,000 people in the UK need a transplant.  Of these, 3 a day will die as there aren't enough organs available.  Will you become a donor?  Find out more about organ donation

Conservation gifts

As a rapidly expanding world population takes over more and more of planet and earth's resources from the animal kingdom, so more and more species of animals find themselves in desperate plight.  Your conservation gifts to your loved ones can help organisations working on animals' behalf continue their efforts to conserve, care for and protect animals.


Adopt an animal
My husband gave me a polar bear for my birthday and I can't tell you what this gift has done for me.  Nanuk is one of the BEST gifts I've ever had - and she has inspired me to make a difference and improve the wellbeing of this planet for all those who live on her, all creatures great and small, people and animals.

Sponsor a guide dog
Give someone who is blind or partially sighted a new friend and companion who can also give them far more independence & confidence - sponsor a Guide Dog puppy!

Give your support to an animal charity
All creatures great and small are facing tough times.  If you're an animal lover, there are many ways you can get stuck in to help, and this site will show you how.  More

Volunteer your time & energy
There are lots of benefits to be had from volunteering. Just think of the number of animals & people you have the potential to help!   More..