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Gifts for Mum...

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It's lovely when you send a loved one a present and they are really pleased with it :-)    Mum had her birthday a few days ago.   She loves something new to wear, and I love to send her something animal related to remind her of how much she is loved.   I took a look at the National Trust Online Shop and found two great items which were just perfect for my lovely Mum! 

Mum loves her Wrendale hedgehog mug

I like to think that when Mum opens the door of her mug cupboard to reach for a mug for a nice cup of tea or morning coffee, she sees this gorgeous Wrendale hedgehog mug (£11.00) looking down at her, sending love from me. 

Mum loves her wildlife, and this hedgehog is just so sweet!  It's a fine bone china mug, with a wonderful illustration by award winning British designer Hannah Dale.  It will go in the dishwasher and microwave as well.  Mum was really pleased with the quality of the mug too. 

The National Trust Online Shop has other gorgeous wildlife mugs - perfect for any wildlife lover.

Mum also loved this Channel Islands Sea Coral Silk Chiffon Scarf, pictured right from the National Trust Online Shop. 

It's part of their Coast and Sea Collection.  I just adored the colours and thought they would suit Mum really well.  

This could be a great gift for anyone with fond memories of visits to the Channel Islands or who just loves the sea and coast.  

It's perfect for the summer, and Mum has already worn her scarf several times and received favourable comments from friends.   The National Trust Online Shop has more info on this scarf which is £28.00.   

Mum also loved this Channel Islands Sea Coral Silk Chiffon Scarf