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Plant Gifts Online from Flying Flowers

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Flying Flowers started back in the beautiful island of Jersey in 1981. 

The idea was that holiday-makers visiting the island sent carnations back home instead of post-cards.  From carnations their range of flowers spread, and they also send some unusual plant gifts which I thought looked really sweet and very different....

Just for Ewe  

Just for Ewe  - comes with a yellow begonia, £22.99

Jemima Cat Planter

Jemima Cat Planter - comes with a pink rose plant, for £22.99

Lord Pigglesworth

Lord Pigglesworth, comes with a Red Cyclamen Plant for £21.99

Flying Flowers also have a range of air purifying house plants including a Peace Lily and Fern and Aloe. 

Click here to fly off to Flying Flowers' website!