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Gifts for Donkey Lovers - help donkeys on the West Bank

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If you're looking for a gift for somebody who loves donkeys, what about giving them a gift to support Safe Haven for Donkeys?

It's a charity which was set up in 2000 to help working donkeys in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  And today, it has a sanctuary in Israel giving life-long care to about 200 donkeys who are unwanted or who have been abused. 

Give a virtual gift to donkeys
Give a virtual gift to help donkeys - here a donkey receives veterinary care

Not only that, its mobile clinic helps about 500 working donkeys, mules and horses every month across the Palestinian Territories and it's got a permanent clinic in Nablus.  Injuries they often see come from poor harnessing, overgrown hooves and bad teeth - all easily treated and in so doing, improving the lives of these animals. 

It doesn't stop there.  Safe Haven for Donkeys work hard to provide advice and education to owners and their children.  This is critical if working animals are to be treated with respect. 

Your gift could feed a donkey for a week
Your gift could feed a donkey for a week

Your gift can help the charity look after working donkeys pulling carts and carrying loads, or care for those who are too old or injured to work. 

Gifts include donkey stationery, shopping bags, clothing, Christmas cards, soft donkey toys and gifts to help the donkeys themselves... Your virtual donkey gift could feed a donkey for a week, provide dental care, veterinary care or hoof trimming;  there's also foal milk replacement and a rest station.

Visit the Safe Haven for Donkeys here and change the life of a working animal with your gift

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