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Divine Chocolates at Natural Collection

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Want to stock up on some delicious chocolate coins ready for Christmas?

Take a look at Natural Collection!   They have dark chocolate and milk chocolate coins, plus thins, and hot chocolate too.

Chocolate treats from Divine are made with Fairtrade cocoa grown by farmers in the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana.  They also own 44% of Divine, sharing in the profits and company decisions. 

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Coins - 65G

They also have hampers though these are not included in the offer.

One of the things I love about Divine Chocolate is that they don't use palm oil in their chocolate. Divine does not use any palm oil in its chocolate and aims not to use any additional ingredients that contain palm oil.  This helps reduce human impact on the rainforests on which both animals and people depend. 

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Coins - 65g


Take a look at the Divine Chocolate available from Natural Collection!