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There's a VERY special offer on at Hamleys for Bon Bon Bear

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There's nothing like a teddy bear.  Even for adults.  You can just look at them and feel better about life, and they brighten up a room, too.  

So I wanted to tell you that Hamleys have a very special offer on this bear:

Introducing Bon Bon Bear!

Introducing Bon Bon Bear from Hamleys
So handsome, and cuddly!
Thats Hamleys® Bon Bon Bear!


The great news is that this delightful teddy bear is on offer - in fact, there's 70% off!  This means he can be yours - of course you couldn't bear to give him away to anyone else once you've got him - for the total of £18.00 (that's until 7th December 2023) instead of £60.00.  

He's got the signature logo footbed, naturally, and a Hamleys® bow in traditional red, with gold trim and lettering.  And this teddy bear is just 14 cm tall when sitting.  

Go to Hamleys website here to buy Bon Bon Bear!