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Easter Gifts - but not for you, for your dog!

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This time of year, with Easter coming up, there's lots of chat about Easter eggs - Easter chocolate, Easter bunnies (hop, hop) and Easter goodies.

So that's you sorted - but what about your dog?

Whilst we're all tucking in to yummy chocolate, your dog may be looking at you, drooling all over the place, those big eyes gazing up soulfully at you, wondering where his or her chocolate treats are.

Of course, dogs can't eat the chocolates that us humans eat - it's very dangerous for them.  So the good news is that there are products out there which will give your dog that perfect treat!

Pooch & Mutt have Eggtra tasty limited edition treats, yum, yum!  They say they are high in protein with delicious lamb and chicken, seasonal veggies, they are grain free, and have natural ingredients.  They are for all breeds and ages from 12 weeks old.  And that's not all - they've included probiotics too, for healthy digestion, and collagen for the skin and coat. 

These Easter meaty treats are from Pooch and Mutt
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Why not give your dog an Easter treat trail to hunt?

You could lay a bit of an Easter treat trail for your dog!
He or she can go on an Easter treat hunt!
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